Battery Systems

Development of battery systems for home and mobile applications.

For home applications LFP batteries are used in combination with various inverters, to match the use case.

The battery systems can have several goals:

  • Increase self consumption
  • Work with dynamic (hourly) pricing
  • Back-up power

Typically only 30% of the solar power generated on a home is used by the home itself, the remaining 70% is exported to the grid. With a battery system the self-consumption of solar energy can be improved to between 60% and 80%.

Using dynamic hourly pricing tarrifs, you can reduce cost by buying energy at cheaper hours and consuming it later.

For mobile applications we develop LFP or NMC battery systems, depending on the use case.
Where requirements of space, weight and temperature are not that strict, LFP is used.
For applications which have less space or weight is important, NMC batteries are used. The NMC battery modules are sourced from the EV industry and used together with European made Battery Management Systems, R10 certified.